Check out some of our most commonly asked questions and get answers to your questions!



Check out some of our most commonly asked questions and get answers to your questions!

How much does a zip code territory cost each month?

Territory pricing is calculated based off the population of your zip code, the avg. number of daily leads generated and demographic information like avg. household income, housing costs and avg. FICO Score.

What kind of renovation leads do you provide?

We provide leads for all types of home renovation contractors. We also provide leads for home service providers like plumbers, electricians, roofers, fencers, siding companies and so on. If you provide services to home owners, chances are, we provide leads for your type of customers.

Can I buy leads for multiple types of services?

Yes, you can buy leads for multiple types of home services that you are licensed to provide services for in your area.

Do I have to have a license to buy leads?

Yes, if your industry requires an occupational or busines license to provide services to clients then you must have a license to purchase leads.

What information is provided for leads?

Our leads include all the customers contact information plus their Household Income, Net Worth, FICO Score, Age, Gender, Homeownership Status, Home Value, and a lot more!

Can I filter leads in my Dashboard?

Yes, you can filter leads using the following filters. Household Income, Net Worth, FICO Score, Age, Gender, Homeownership Status, Home Value, and more.

How many leads will I get a day?

While it’s impossible to predict the exact number of leads you’ll get each day, our policy is to ensure you generate enough daily leads to keep you busy. On average we want to ensure you get 5-15 leads each day. In some cases, we may add another zip code to your territory to increase the number of daily leads you receive. If you feel you aren’t getting enough daily leads, you can contact our support center at support@rehabsherpas.com

Are the leads opted-in?

Yes, all of our Renovation consumer leads are opted-in. We include their opt-in data inside your leads dashboard. If you are ever asked about how you got their information, you’ll be able to provide them with the correct answer. 

Are these Renovation leads GDPR Compliant?

Yes, all of our leads are GDPR Compliant and include all of the opt-in data you need to prove it.

Are these Renovation leads on the do not call registry?

All of our leads indicate whether or not the phone numbers provided for the leads are on the Do not Call Registry. If leads are on the registry, we urge you not to call them. Instead, email them.

How do I contact these Renovation leads?

The best way to contact our home improvement leads is by text message. Text messages have a huge open rate and you’ll get more responses by sending out text messages than emails. You can also email our renovation consumer leads or call them directly. It’s up to you. 

In addition to cold outreach, we also provide a lead nurturing program where we run ads directly to your customers on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and get them to schedule an appointment with you.

Do the leads know I’m calling them?

No, your leads will not be expecting your phone call unless you opt-in to our lead nurturing program where we run ads to your customers and get them to schedule a phone call with you. 

How much do Home Renovation leads cost?

We don’t sell leads individually, instead you pay a low monthly fee for all the leads that come into your own protected zip code. On average our leads cost less than $2 each.

How do you find your leads?

We are a data aggregation company. We purchase access to over 20 data aggregation feeds each month and then build overlapping consumer profiles on over 270 Million Americans. We are able to see what consumers are searching for in Google search and when their searches are related to quotes on home improvement services, we provide them to you. On average, we generate over 675k home renovation or home improvement leads every week.

Are these Home Renovation leads in the United States?

Yes, all of our leads are US based consumers actively looking for Home Improvement quotes.

How do you nurture leads?

Included in our lead inforamtion is something called “Hash Data”. This is encrypted to protect the identifying information of social media users that can be used to target specific people with ads. We take all of your consumers each day and add them to an audience that we target ads to. When your customers click on our ads, they schedule a phone call with you. This turns them into a warm lead and makes it easier to close the customer. 

How much does it cost for you to nurture leads?

We charge a flat monthly fee for managing your lead nurturing. This includes running ads and managing them. Our fee for Lead nurturing starts at $500 and goes up depending on the number of monthly leads your territory generates.

Can I cancel my zip code subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your zip code subscription anytime. There is no prior notice needed or hoops to jump through. Just click on “Manage Territory” and click on “Cancel Territory Subscription”. It’s that easy!

Note – Canceling your subscription puts your zip code back into the market and can be purchased by another contractor at any time. Once it’s purchased, it can’t be undone unless it becomes available again.

What happens if I cancel my zip code subscription?

When you cancel your zip code subscription it’s put back into the available territory list and can be resold immediately. We do not hold territories once they are canceled.

How long do I have to pay the monthly subscription fee before I loose my territory?

If you are unable to pay your monthly subscription fee for your territory. We give you 3 business days until removing it from your account and putting it back into the available list of territories. You can recover your protected zip code territory within the 3 business days or if it’s still available when you can make the payment, you can repurchase it.

I couldn’t pay the monthly fee for my territory and now it says it’s unavailable, is there anyway to get it back?

No, once your territory has been sold to another contractor, it’s gone. You can add a notification for a zip code and if it becomes available, you can purchase it then.

How many territories can I buy?

There is no limit to the number of territories you can buy as long as they are available.

Do you offer a referral program for territories?

Yes, we offer a referral program for contractors who refer new territory owners to us. We provide a $100 account credit per referral who purchases a territory.

What happens if I don’t get a lot of leads in my territory?

If your territory doens’t generate a lot of leads for your line of services, we will consider expanding your territory to increase the population size of your territory. This is done at our discretion. We recommend having a territory that has a minimum of 100k people living in it.



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